Fire Safety Awareness Winners

Clare O'Beara
2 min readFeb 3, 2021


The Journalism Society held a contest to raise fire safety awareness during January. This was open to the whole college.

Fire extinguishers. Photo: Clare O’Beara.

Entrants had to photograph an item relating to fire safety, such as a fire exit or fire extinguisher.

A separate prize was given for a scavenger hunt, in which entrants had to photograph as many different fire safety related items as they could find.

Speaking as someone who was staying in a London hotel when the fire alarms went off in the middle of the night, I can say that it’s never too early to plan your exit.

Well done to everyone who entered. The winning photos are shown.

First prize for individual item: Francisco Hernan Salazar Bravo. He wins a DBS t-shirt.

Fire door. Photo: Francisco Hernan Salazar Bravo.

First prize for scavenger hunt: Loreto Magana. She wins a DBS hoodie for her great efforts.

Fire extniguisher. Photo by Loreto Magana.

Fun fact: the European Union standardised all fire warning and information notices, so that anywhere you go in the EU, you will see, understand and act on the same signage. Before this took place, each country had its own variety of fire notices, meaning that people moving to other countries for work or tourism might have difficulty in case of a fire.

Clare O’Beara.

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